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Visit Maryann & Wanda’s for Mouthwatering Milkshakes

Your favorite movie characters, comic book heroes, entertainers come alive as larger-than-life milkshakes at dairy bar and restaurant Maryann & Wanda’s in Lyles, Tennessee.

Just two miles away from Johnny Cash’s Hideaway Farm, Maryann and Wanda’s pays homage to some of the series, singers, and stories that defined your childhood in the design of their signature milkshakes. From Harry Potter and Star Wars to Elvis and Harley Quinn, there’s a flavor that represents at least one of your childhood favorites.

No matter which milkshake you order, you won’t believe your eyes when it arrives at your table. Each milkshake is sure to have whipped cream stacked a couple of inches high, a variety of candy decorations, and a decadent rim smothered in some form of sugar that matches the color scheme and theme of your particular milkshake.

We asked Maryann & Wanda’s manager which milkshakes get ordered the most. Here are the five milkshakes you should add to your must-try list when you visit Hickman County this summer.

Top 5 Maryann & Wanda’s Milkshakes

The Baby Yoda

If there are fans of Disney’s The Mandalorian in your group, they’ll want to order The Baby Yoda. Triangle marshmallows on either side of a whipped cream hill create the shape of Baby Yoda’s face and candy eyes complete the transformation of your milkshake from boring to truly cinematic.

The Chewie

Original Star Wars fans will appreciate the spirit of The Chewie, a milkshake flavored with chocolate and Reese’s peanut butter cups. This milkshake typically comes with a chocolate peanut butter bar like Nutty Bars and Reese’s bits and candies atop whipped cream and streaks of chocolate syrup lines the mason jar it is served in.

The Betty White

A milkshake as decadent and refreshing as Betty White’s acting! The Betty White is a strawberry cheesecake milkshake that packs a flavorful punch before you even make it to the ice cream. With whipped cream covered with graham cracker pieces, strawberries, strawberry syrup, and a Twizzler straw or strawberry wafer, your first bite is guaranteed to be as delicious as your last.

The Elvis

Chocolate lovers “Can’t Help Falling in Love” with The Elvis, Maryann & Wanda’s take on a chocolate, peanut butter, banana milkshake. Between the bananas, Reese’s puff cereal, and Reese’s peanut butter cups, there are so many textures in this milkshake! Plus, the rim is decorated with chocolate sprinkles held together by a chocolate syrup glue. Yum!

The Over the Rainbow

Order the Over the Rainbow when you want to customize your milkshake but still get the whipped cream decorations including a sweet and sour gummy rainbow, waffle cone tip, and multicolored marshmallows and sprinkles. Mix up whatever flavors or syrups you’d like and have the milkshake maestros at Maryann & Wanda’s help you create your own milkshake masterpiece.

Visit Maryann & Wanda’s and get one of these top-selling milkshakes. Wouldn’t these milkshakes make the perfect Instagram post?

While you’re here, stay a while and enjoy the various indoor seating options. Each table is different and many tables are not tables in the traditional sense, but are refurbished doors glazed with a varnish/sealer.

There are two cozy nooks with couches and padded chairs for lounging and hanging out with friends. One nook looks like a scene from Professor Snape’s classroom at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The other feels like the study of a very important, yet trendy individual.

You may come to Maryann & Wanda’s for the milkshakes, but you’ll stay for the captivating trinkets and pop culture decor which make the space both fun and inviting.

Learn more about Maryann & Wanda’s and plan your trip today!


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