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What is a Festival without Art?

If you have ever attended an outdoor market or county festival, art and music are always an exciting and vital part of your experience. Most festival goers declare art, food and music as their top three draws for participating in markets, festivals and fairs. Fayetteville, TN definitely checks all three of these boxes and more with their annual Slawburger Festival!

One of the most delightful things you will experience at The Slawburger Festival is all of the student art! Collaborations and partnerships are vital for successful community events. And, a very special relationship between the Fayetteville Main Street and Lincoln County High School’s art teacher Jennie Roles-Walter and her students, that has existed since the inception of the festival eight years ago, lends itself to super creative additions every year!

Each year Mrs. Jennie’s students under her direction create a myriad of fun art to adorn the downtown square. This year they painted huge slawburgers for selfies to be strategically placed around the square, smaller slawburgers for flower pots and over 75 mini slawburger and cow paintings to be hidden on the square lawn like Easter eggs.

LCHS Art Interns have been busy painting slawburgers on merchant windows for donations and distributing postcards and flyers for Fayetteville Main Street. Mrs. Jennie (as she is affectionately known by her students) teaches not only art skills and entrepreneurship but the importance of community pride and volunteerism. Be sure to take a selfie with one of their slawburgers on the square or in front of Lincoln County High School on their “rock” this weekend at the famous Fayetteville-Lincoln County Slawburger festival in downtown Fayetteville, TN!

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