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Buckley Farm: Sowing Seeds of Success in Lincoln County

We're thrilled to share some exciting updates from the heart of Lincoln County. At Buckley Farm, we're not just cultivating crops; we're sowing seeds of community, connection and entrepreneurship. Join us as we explore the latest additions to our lineup and get a sneak peek into an upcoming event that celebrates the best in agriculture.

Brewing Local Flavors: Nashville-Made Kombucha

First on the list is a refreshing addition to our farm store—Nashville-made Walker Brothers Kombucha. Dive into the world of artisanal kombucha with a craft company based in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. This innovative brewery specializes in open-fermented, unpasteurized non-alcoholic kombucha, all crafted with a commitment to using organic ingredients. Each sip tells a story of local flavors and a dedication to the art of kombucha brewing. Embrace the tangy goodness of kombucha while supporting regional artisans and experiencing the unique touch of Nashville's craft beverage scene.

Baking Adventures: Sourdough Starters & Gluten-Free Alternatives

For those ready to embark on a bread-baking adventure, we're excited to introduce Sourdough Starters and Gluten-Free Starters. Elevate your baking game with these essential ingredients, crafting delicious loaves that capture the essence of wholesome, quality ingredients.

Pamper Your Pooch: Handmade Dog Collars by RileyBDesigns

Our commitment to local artisans continues with the introduction of handmade dog collars by RileyBDesigns. Treat your furry friends to stylish accessories that reflect the craftsmanship of our community. Because at Buckley Farm, we believe our four-legged friends deserve a touch of handmade luxury too.

Wellness from Mulberry, TN: Elderberry Syrup & Teas

Discover the healing power of nature with Elderberry Syrup and Teas sourced from a local farmer in Mulberry, TN. Embrace the goodness of these natural remedies, carefully crafted to promote well-being and support local agriculture.

Celebrating Excellence: 2024 Lincoln County FFA Alumni Awards

Mark your calendars for the 3rd Annual Agriculture's Finest awards on February 24th at Lincoln County High School, starting at 6 pm. Buckley Farm has proudly been nominated for Best Agriculture Entrepreneur & Best Agribusiness. This prestigious event is the perfect way to wrap up National FFA Week, dedicating an evening to honor Lincoln County's finest in the agriculture industry. For $30, indulge in an unforgettable evening that includes a steak and cake dinner, captivating talks by internationally known speaker Farm Babe, and lively silent and live auctions. Your ticket purchase directly benefits the LCHS FFA Chapter, supporting the future leaders of agriculture.

Vote for Buckley Farm

Show your support by voting for Buckley Farm. Join the conversation on the Lincoln County FFA Alumni Facebook page, where tickets for this remarkable event are also available.

At Buckley Farm, we're not just growing crops; we're cultivating connections, celebrating local talent, and contributing to the vibrant tapestry of Lincoln County. Come, be a part of our agricultural journey! Our store hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10AM to 2PM, and Thursdays 10AM until 5:30PM. The Market at Buckley Farm is located at 25 Boonshill Rd Fayetteville, TN 37334. For inquiries or orders, reach out to them at

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