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Crossing Creeks Farm Celebrates 10 Years of Regenerative Farming

Let the sounds of water, birds and nature bring you a feeling of peace. Appreciate the scenery and relax when you visit Crossing Creeks Farm in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

Crossing Creeks Farm focuses on providing grass-fed meats and eggs, and it offers memorable experiences to guests who stay on the farm. You will feel the hospitality and become part of the farmers’ community. You’ll have a chance to experience the countryside, explore hiking trails, and enjoy farm tours and horseback riding lessons.

Running the farm is a family endeavor.

Shane and Elizabeth Stuart, their two sons, and Elizabeth's parents, own and operate Crossing Creeks Farm.

“In the summer of 2019, we were blessed with the ability to open our own farm store, right here at Crossing Creeks Farm,” Elizabeth said. “The store has quickly become a place of fellowship and community. We love the friendships that have developed, and our customers have enjoyed getting to know their farmers on a personal level. And in the fall of 2019, we began hosting guests here on the farm in our campsite and RV sites.”

The family worked several years to prepare the land for visitors.

“In December of 2012, our family purchased 125 acres located in south central Tennessee,” Elizabeth said. “With no permanent driveway, two creeks to cross to access the land, barbed wire fence everywhere and an old hay barn, there was much work ahead to be done. We have made many improvements over the years, but the two creeks offer the same beauty. Now two bridges and a driveway cross over the two creeks before they merge into one, producing the name Crossing Creeks Farm.”

Leave the worries related to work, errands, and everyday life behind and reconnect with nature. Tighten the bonds between you and your family as you walk the trails and grasp the beauty of the landscape. Let the sounds of water, birds and campfire bring you relaxation.

“Noah and Caleb, our sons, have worked hard to cut trails through the front woods of our property for us all to enjoy,” Elizabeth said. “Our creeks wind through and meet to form one large creek in these woods. We keep these trails mowed for a scenic walk with lots of nature and exploring.”

When you visit the farm, you will witness the shaping of the land into a welcoming and pure environment.

“Visitors can expect to see three generations of family working together to produce nutrient-dense meats and eggs while hosting guests on the farm,” Elizabeth said. “We enjoy connecting directly with our customers and guests to restore the farmer/consumer relationship, allowing the public to truly experience farm to table foods. Our onsite store offers a genuine farm to table shopping experience with high quality, organically produced beef, pork, chicken and eggs and many more groceries. Farm guests can experience a beautiful, pastoral setting, with opportunities to enjoy our hiking trails, farm tours and horseback riding lessons.”

The family enjoys meeting visitors and developing relationships with guests.

“Our favorite part of the farm is working with our livestock as well as connecting directly with our customers and guests to restore the farmer/consumer relationship, allowing the public to truly experience farm to table foods,” Shane said.

Crossing Creek Farm is located at 221 Eady Rd., Shelbyville, Tennessee. For more information, call 615-767-6745.


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