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Downtown Tennessee: Columbia

As you’ve seen in the recent issue of the Experience Tennessee magazine, we’re traveling to and highlighting the Historic Downtowns in the South Central area via our “Downtown, TN” project! As we travel we’re showcasing the beauty, history, people, and places that make each downtown special through the local shopping, dining, art, and entertainment one can find when visiting these slices of Small Town America.

This week we’re highlighting one of the biggest and bustling Downtowns in South Central; Columbia, TN. This Downtown isn’t short of any shopping, dining, or entertainment you and your family could be looking for! Especially during a week centered around Family time & Shopping!



Today we’re highlighting what has quickly become a staple in the Downtown Columbia area.

The legendary @puckettsgrocery opened up its 3rd location here in 2013 and brought its famous food, atmosphere, and penchant for great live music.

Puckett’s has quickly made a place for itself in Columbia and is a place not only to dine, but to be entertained, and even shop for a souvenir or two to bring the Puckett’s experience back home with you.

Stay tuned throughout the week as we continue to highlight Downtown Columbia, TN!


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