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Tennessee Music Pathways and other Music History sites in South Central Tennessee

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Seven Genres of Music Call Tennessee Home

More songs are written, recorded, and played live here than anywhere else in the world. Tennessee Music Pathways connect you to the people, places, and events that shaped music history.

From the big cities to the small communities, this statewide program identifies, explains, and preserves the legacy of music in Tennessee. Be it a story of the past, a star of the present, or the promise of the future, Tennessee Music Pathways help you follow the music.

The following listings are Tennessee Music Pathways locations within the South Central Tennessee region along with several other relevant music history locations.

Towns to plan your visit with:

Mark Collie Music Pathways Marker

Wayne County Walk of Fame Tour

Minnie Pearl Tennessee Music Pathways Marker

Minnie Pearl Downtown Statue

Grinders Switch Center

Minnie Pearl Chicken Wire Statue @ Bluff Garden

Storytellers Hideaway Farm

James D. Vaughn Music Pathways Marker

The Crockett Theatre

James D. Vaughn Burial Site

Gospel Music Mural by Whitney Herrington

Grady Martin Burial Site

Ed Townsend Music Pathways Marker

Lincoln County Arts Center

Becky Buller Photo Collage

Mike Farris Tennessee Music Pathways Marker

Live Music on the Mountain - The Smoke House

The Bluegrass Underground - The Caverns


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