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Experience Dining at Cahoots Restaurant in Fayetteville

"Experience dining at Cahoots Restaurant, located in a building which was used as a firehouse and jail until 1970. See the tables in the old jail cells, where customers now can eat with their families and friends" - ExpTN Visitors Guide

History of Cahoots Restaurant (courtesy of their website): Cahoots is one of Fayetteville's most unique and historic dining experience. In the 1860s, the limestone rock was used to create the jail cells. The city then built an attached wooden building as a fire station. Almost 40 years later, a fire destroyed the wooden fire station. In 1954, the cinderblock fire truck garage was built behind the cells.

The metal cells, located in the back room, were once used as portable cells to transport and house prisoners while they worked on the Fayetteville roads.

The city used the building as a city jail and fire station until 1970. Then, they sold the property in 1980, and 7 years later, Cahoots Restaurant opened in one of the most memorable buildings in town.

You can dine in and/or reserve their back room that can comfortably hold 60 people!! Click below to check out their full menu on their site! It all sounds too good to decide so maybe you can help us pick in the comments!


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