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Variety Record Shop in Downtown Columbia

Today for #DowntownTN we're switching tunes from the historic Puckett's name to one in music; Variety Records.

Variety Records is a record store on the Columbia Downtown Square that's dedicated to serving the music enthusiast, both with a wide selection of music and their in-shop live performances!

With an extensive selection of Vinyl records, CDs, Cassettes, and even 8-Tracks that encompass all music genres, there's something here for every kind of music lover. In addition, they offer new and vintage turntables and refurbished stereo systems (when available) to help you complete your listening room at home along with store merch such as hats, tee’s, etc. proudly displaying the iconic Variety Record Shop logo.

The unique store design allows for a relaxed atmosphere and a step back in time for music enthusiasts from all walks of life. They as well book in-store performances featuring artists from all genres to bring your music experience at VR full circle.

"We truly have an inviting venue and the acoustics in the store are spectacular. We can accommodate intimate acoustic performances as well as live and in-your-face rock shows. We like it all! Downtown Columbia is vibrant and alive and we are proud to be a part of an exciting downtown community!"

Variety Records is a great place to not only find a perfect gift for you and the other music lovers in your family but to come and be entertained by some of the best local/regional talent! So stop on by Monday-Saturday to support a local record shop that has helped define the Downtown Columbia community!


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