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Find whimsical, chic, vintage pieces at Old Petticoat Trading Company in Wartrace

Shelia LeDere, owner of Old Petticoat Trading Company, located at 7 Main Street E., in Wartrace, Tennessee, invites you to browse the store and experience Wartrace. The town’s slow-paced atmosphere and friendly residents will make you feel at home.

The boutique opened its doors in May of 2021. Its shelves are adorned with vintage items and unique gifts.

“We are brand new,” LeDere said. “This was the Gallagher Guitar building before. I purchased the building and renovated it.”

When you visit the boutique, you will discover vintage and antique items, garden antiques, jewelry, paintings, purses, clothing.

“We have a little bit of everything,” LeDere said. “We offer beautiful jewelry in a moderate price range. Our clothing varies from today’s trends to vintage-inspired styles. We have Timmy Woods and Mary Frances collectible handbags and so much more.”

One of the brands you’ll find at Old Petticoat Trading Company is Mary Frances, bringing whimsical and chic style to the boutique. Mary Frances purses add charm and elegance to any outfit. The designs are “eclectic and trend setting,” with beautiful textures and motifs, from florals, music and animals to intricate pattern work. For one-of-a-kind wooden and leather handbags, look for Timmy Woods bags.

You’ll also notice a lovely aroma when you enter Old Petticoat Trading Company.

Aromatique pieces add beautiful fragrances, including cinnamon cider and bourbon and bergamot, to the store’s welcoming atmosphere. As you browse the store, you’ll see dried lavender bringing a splash of color.

The store also offers local honey and Leon’s Candy. Enjoy the taste of maple and pecans when you take a bite of Leon’s classic homemade, New Orleans-style pralines, handcrafted in Nashville.

LeDere encourages you to visit Wartrace and appreciate the combination of the old and the new. Historical buildings and antique stores will remind you of the past and new boutiques will make your experience fresh and unforgettable.

“Wartrace is being revamped now,” LeDere said. “It’s going to be a booming little town again, as it was in the past. We have a lot of people coming in to buy the buildings to reopen stores. It’s exciting. We are close to Nashville, so people can just jump right off the interstate and come see us.”

While you’re in Wartrace, explore the downtown area. Stop by the Rusty Bee, the Sparrow’s Nest and the Shoppes at 31 Main. Have a delicious meal at the Bellamy Café and learn about the history of the Tennessee Walking Horse at the Tennessee Walking Horse National Museum.


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