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Enjoy ice cream, baked goods, nature, century-old tradition at Nash Family Creamery

Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream melts in your mouth while you enjoy the beauty of the landscape around you. Play, appreciate nature and bond with your family at Nash Family Creamery in Chapel Hill, Tennessee. Nash Family Creamery offers 20 delicious flavors of ice cream made in small batches with the highest quality ingredients. The creamery opened its doors in Chapel Hill in September 2020, but the family farm’s history goes back nearly 100 years.

Wallace and Ida Nash began milking cows in 1929 in central California at a family farm with their three children. The family consumed some of the milk and sold the rest to generate income. Only three years after starting, the cows became sick, and Wallace had to start all over during the Great Depression.

“We moved the farm from California to Tennessee about eight years ago,” said fourth generation owner Cody Nash. “We’ve been going since 1929. We moved to Tennessee – it’s just better climate, in terms of regulations on business. After looking at a bunch of states, we (chose) Tennessee. We built a new dairy on the farm, which is right behind the creamery, starting in 2013. It took about a year to move equipment, cows and heifers. And employees moved here with us, too. In 2014 everything was completed, in terms of moving here.”

Cody invites you to visit the creamery and enjoy ice cream, baked goods and nature.

“We make homemade ice cream at the creamery,” Cody said. “We have 20 different flavors customers can choose from.”

Flavors include Southern Pecan Pie, Cotton Candy Crunch, Creamy Sundrop, Whiskey Praline Pecan and Birthday Cake Batter.

“We use really high-quality ingredients for flavorings and incorporations like cookie dough or pecan pie filling,” Cody said. “We use really good flavors to create a really good taste for the customer. We also have gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, so you can get a full meal here along with your ice cream.”

Nash Family Creamery also offers a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches, including Cheddar, Bacon and Peach Preserves, Turkey and Cranberry Grilled Cheese, BBQ Pulled Pork and Buttermilk Cheddar, Jalapeno Pimento Cheese.

“We have a bakery onsite, so we offer baked goods that are also made here,” Cody said. To satisfy your sweet cravings, Nash Family Creamery produces cookies, fudge brownies, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, pies and cobblers and cheesecakes.

“We also offer a lot of Pick Tennessee products, local jams and honeys and meat products. And there’s a lot to do – you can go outside and eat. We have a lot of seating and it’s really nice. We also have events in the summer. We always have something going on here, and the view outside is really pretty.”

One of the upcoming events is the Tractor Show and Farm Festival, set for July 10. This event will feature farm machinery for customers to see, calves for children to pet, games, and arts and crafts.

The business is still growing, and visitors will soon find a variety of cheese products.

“We’re looking at starting cheesemaking here,” Cody said. “Our cheese plant should be ready soon. Hopefully we’ll have some cheese available to customers that will be made onsite, just right next to the creamery, within the next few months.”

Cody encourages you to explore the area. “It’s just a really good day trip,” he said. “The creamery is a really good stop, family friendly, so everyone can find something to enjoy. You can go to Jack Daniel Distillery and see other places in the area. There are a lot of distilleries, and a lot of people go to the lakes in and around Bedford County. There is Henry Horton State Park. You can go to Duck River for kayaking and that’s really fun.”

Nash Family Creamery is located at 4019 Highway 41A North, Chapel Hill, Tennessee. For more information, call 931-294-2999 or visit


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