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Find quality children’s clothing, accessories, unmatched customer service at Gingham Jellybean

(Shelbyville, TN) Visit the Gingham Jellybean in Shelbyville, and you’ll find boutique-quality children’s clothing, accessories and unmatched customer service. Owner Mary Gay and her daughters, Abby and Maggie, work to meet every need of customers and to provide a positive shopping experience. The boutique is at 111 South Side Square, Shelbyville.

“My daughter and I opened the store in a brick-and-mortar space in September of 2019,” Mary Gay said. “We moved to the square in January of 2020.”

The boutique offers clothing, shoes and accessories for children, from newborn boys and girls to teens.

“The clothing is applique, smocking, and trendy styles,” Mary Gay said. “We also offer several lines of T-shirts.”

The service the boutique offers goes beyond selling items to customers.

“We are able to help families style for photos with matching outfits for infants to teens,” Mary Gay said. “We have a couple of shoe lines that we offer for girls,” Mary Gay said. “My daughter is able to help customers with fitting and coordinating outfits. We offer special hours for shopping and Facetime shopping experiences.”

Mary and her daughters build long-lasting relationships with customers.

“I love meeting the customers and their children,” Mary Gay said. “Each customer has unique needs, and we enjoy helping to fulfill those needs. Also, I love being able to share my love for the children's wear industry with my daughters.”

Working together has brought happiness and learning opportunities for Mary Gay and her daughters.

“Abby manages the day-to-day operations, social media, and purchasing with me,” Mary said.

“Maggie helped with running the store and social media last year during Covid. One of the main bonuses of shopping local is the customer service that you can receive. Our customers are free to contact us to shop by Facetime, contact us through Facebook or Instagram. We are getting ready to start store parties for customers. We also have an advisory board that consists of mothers and daughters or sons that follow our pages. They are featured in our store photos, advertising, and in return, they receive special notices of sales and discounts. We also hope that our customers will contact us to shop after hours. We never mind sending pictures or meeting customers at the store after or before hours. We want to meet their busy schedules. That is something that they cannot do with online shopping or at a chain/department store.”

Mary and Abby have always loved working with children, and opening the store has been an avenue allowing them to do that.

“Abby has developed a passion for children's fashion and retail that she never had before,” Mary said. “She has learned more about social media and has started some freelance work in that area.”

Mary invites you to visit the Gingham Jellybean and explore Shelbyville.

“Some of our favorite things to do in Shelbyville are being involved with the community,” Mary said. “Our square has some of the best shopping. We love the ability to shop local and antique on the square. The horse shows beginning in March and continuing throughout the summer, culminating in the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration in August, offer another fantastic aspect of Shelbyville.”

For water recreation lovers, Bedford County gives plenty of opportunities.

“I know many people enjoy floating or kayaking the Duck River here as it is some of the cleanest water in Tennessee,” Mary said. “There is also a distillery called Nearest Green Distillery (offering) tours and would be interesting for people to visit. Shelbyville is close to Lynchburg, Tennessee, and the Jack Daniel Distillery, which offers tours.”

Gingham Jellybean is located at 111 South Side Square, Shelbyville. For more information, call 931-703-3455 and follow Gingham Jellybean on social media.


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