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Iconic Monteagle Smoke House Restaurant lost to a fire

Updated: May 6, 2021

Yesterday was a tragic day for the Tennessee Tourism industry as we lost an icon in Jim Olivers Smokehouse Restaurant.

For over 60 years folks from around the country have stopped in and learned exactly what southern hospitality is all about. If you wanted to absorb everything that makes Tennessee great, you had a one-stop shop at The Smokehouse.

The Oliver family is an amazing blessing to the region. They have been extemporary stewards of the community, advocates for the industry, and showcased what it means to be FAMILY not only through their birthright but through their employees.

When you walked into The Smokehouse, your worries stayed at the door. You were embraced by kindness, and surrounded by intrigue and history. There are many stories of shopping trips, conversations, and hanging out in the store lasting longer than it took to dine.

They embraced the community and understood the impact that tourism, and more specifically their efforts, had not only on the local government but what that meant for local residents, their neighbors.

Yesterday's fire took away a lot. A building, jobs, music history, art, and so much more. But what it didn't take away was that passion, drive, and spirit, the very foundation that the business was built on. As much as the structure did to enhance the experience, the PEOPLE are what MADE the experience.

We look forward to their return because we know they will return. In the meantime, you can still support them by booking at the lodge or one of their amazing cabins. Be it a trip from out of state or a weekend getaway for someone local, we can say with certainty that they will take care of you. #TheSmokehouse #MadeinTN #ExperienceTN


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