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Lawrenceburg named recipient of the "Walls for Women" mural project

Sweetwater and Lawrenceburg, Tennessee will display “Walls for Women” murals later this spring. DMA-events was chosen as the Southeast recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts’ Women’s Suffrage Centennial Project to install murals in two Tennessee communities. Sweetwater has a thriving Main Street program and downtown business owners are mostly women. It’s where the father of suffrage, state Rep. Harry T. Burn, practiced law on the second floor of the Scruggs Building. Lawrenceburg gave women the right to vote in municipal elections more than a year before the passage of the 19th Amendment. This included all eligible women, regardless of race. The Lawrence Democrat, the county paper, was a champion of early-20th century progressive causes, including giving women the right to vote. Artists’ concepts will be installed in April and May. Save the Date: “Walls for Women” documentary 7 p.m. CT Sat., March 20. Get your tickets.


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