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A Look at Wayne County’s Spectacular Natural Bridge

Imagine this: Millions of years of geological processes create an all-natural structure—the only of its kind in the world. Layers of rock and sediment have formed what is today called a double-span bridge. Outlaws and folk heroes once roamed this place, and now, it’s a sanctuary of relaxation and leisure. Would you believe that it’s in Wayne County, Tennessee?

That’s right—this beautiful, natural retreat is located right off the Natchez Trace Parkway. And now, you can immerse yourself in this amazing, organic landmark known as Wayne County’s Natural Bridge.

What in the world is a Natural Bridge?

Yes, we know that’s exactly what you’re thinking: what is a natural bridge? One of earth’s rarest landmarks, Waynesboro’s Natural Bridge is a thing of natural beauty. Formed over millions of years, water eroded the layers of rocks, forming what you see today. Marvel at its towering rocks and gorge of water beneath the archway.

Davy Crockett, it is said, gave one of his first speeches near the bridge. Outlaws used to hide out here, too, proving this place to be a popular spot for everyone. But don’t worry: You are completely safe here, as it is now part of the Tennessee Fitness Spa.

Unwind, relax, meditate, repeat.

On campus at Tennessee Fitness Spa, the Natural Bridge serves as a backdrop to the scenery of the outdoors. But what exactly is the Tennessee Fitness Spa? As an escape from the noisy world, the Tennessee Fitness Spa is a place for visitors to unwind and reset.

The facility offers clean and healthy meals, comfortable lodging, and even exercise classes—all the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit surrounded by natural scenery; the Spa encourages its visitors to retreat to the wilderness where the Natural Bridge is found.

Okay, sign me up!

The Natural Bridge is only open to the public on Sundays from March to November, but the surrounding area boasts some gorgeous scenery. And if you want to stay longer, the Tennessee Fitness Spa is your go-to place for total rejuvenation.


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