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Things to Do in Lawrenceburg, the Land of Davy Crockett

You may know him as the King of the Wild Frontier, or you may even recall his heroic fight at Battle of the Alamo. The man with many titles—colonel, pioneer, politician—David “Davy” Crockett was known for his valiant adventures across the South. But he especially left his mark in Lawrenceburg, the place he helped establish. Crockett remains a household name and a significant figure in Lawrenceburg’s history.

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Crockett’s background and Lawrenceburg significance

Originally from the mountains of East Tennessee, Crockett spent his younger days as a rifleman and, later, a third sergeant in Tennessee’s militia. He eventually settled in Lawrence County, where he was immediately chosen to be the area’s Justice of the Peace.

Crockett made his home near the lush landscapes of Shoal Creek, where he developed his businesses. With a gristmill, powdermill and distillery, he brought various forms of production to Lawrence County. He also represented the county in the Tennessee General Assembly, further being appointed to the U.S. House of Representatives.

As if politics weren’t enough to keep him busy, Crockett gathered a group of volunteers and took them further south to fight in the Texas Revolution. It was a crucial moment in American history, but the legendary pioneer died in the battle. He has since been recognized as an American hero, as well as a favorite character in pop culture.

Today, Lawrenceburg has devoted its outdoor scene to Crockett’s legend, going as far as naming a state park after him. And now, you can walk in his footsteps. Here are some fun things to do in Lawrenceburg, Crockett’s home turf.

Photo: Odinn Media

Go for a float on Shoal Creek

If you’re looking for a spot to cool down, try a swim in Shoal Creek. One way to experience Shoal Creek is by paddling down its winding channel. Various boats, like a rowboat or a kayak, are available to rent. You also can fish on Lindsey Lake where there’s an assortment of species like bass, catfish and bluegill.

Walk or ride where Crockett once did

Biking and hiking are great ways to get some exercise while enjoying Lawrence County's scenery. Complete with over a dozen trails, Davy Crockett State Park boasts ample nature with hiking trails that range from easy to moderate difficulties. Soak in the beauty of the Waterfall Trail or enjoy the expansive view on the Overlook Trail. All trails have a natural surface, but if you’re wanting to bike, there’s a three-mile paved trail just for you.

Photo: Odinn Media

Sleep beneath the stars in Lawrenceburg

After a fun-filled, active day in Lawrenceburg, how about a little R&R? There are several spots in which to camp within Crockett’s eponymous state park. With more than 45 sites for RVs and tents, you can get a good night's sleep under the stars—and maybe even befriend some woodland creatures while you're there. If camping isn't an option for you, the state park offers several cabins, complete with all the essential amenities.

If you only have time for one stop

In a time crunch? Check out the David Crockett statue in downtown Lawrenceburg. Depicting him a colonel, the century-old statue has recently been restored with help from the Tennessee Historical Commission.

For more information about Lawrence County, check out our Lawrenceburg travel tips.


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