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Two Year Anniversary at Towne Coffee

What started with a weekend getaway ended with owners Betsy and David asking about a closed coffee shop and a love for the Mt Pleasant area. Fast forward 2 years and they have a very welcoming place for people to gather. Found at 107 N. Main Street in Mt Pleasant you will find Towne Coffee.

You are immediately welcomed the second you enter this warm and inviting shop. Light illuminates the interior and there are many comfortable options for seating. Betsy greets everyone warmly, and if she doesn't know you that will be changed quickly. She is quick to assist with choices and explains the coffees and food items. David is busy in the kitchen, he's a trained chef and that is his domain. The kitchen is compact, and very clean and is run like a well oiled machine. Together they make this work with great precision.

On the day that we visited they were celebrating their 2nd Anniversary and they did it with the unveiling of their new menu, wraps. The creativity they have shows with the new choices for lunch. We enjoyed the wraps very much and were very impressed with the way they were made. They were tight and didn't come unwrapped, a common problem with wraps. But most impressive was the amount of content within which continued throughout the wrap. David has chosen some delicious ingredients for these menu items. Go give them a try, you won't be disappointed. They also have sandwiches which are equally as creative and delicious as the wraps. There are some impressive baked goods to go with a cup of coffee, or fruit tea. They have many options available; everything is homemade and fresh.

While there make sure you check out the homemade jewelry that Betsy makes, the options would make great gifts for someone or for yourself.

Take some time to go visit Betsy and David. You will be equally impressed with this place to relax and unwind as we were. You will no doubt leave as friends and will look forward to your next visit. While there, take a walk through Mt Pleasant. Take the time to EXPERIENCE TENNESSEE.


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