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Lynchburg's Premiere Tour Guides: Woodye and Duke

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Hey Y'all stars Dano and Mary visited Lynchburg, TN, one sunny Friday afternoon...

With so many options for tours and guides, one really stood out: C & R Buggy Tours. While Mr. Woodye Bedford is the man behind the reins, Duke is the one who catches everyone's attention.

Together, they provide a unique and personal Lynchburg experience that no other tour can offer. Woodye has a vast knowledge of Moore County and Lynchburg, both of which he is proud to share with visitors.

The tour with Woodye showed us many places that we had never seen before, and it was a wonderful way to understand history from the perspective of a local.

Duke knows the route well and listens to Woodye as they navigate the busy roads of Downtown Lyncburg.

In today's fast-paced world, it was refreshing to slow down and enjoy the ride. If you need a grand tour of Lynchburg, Tennessee, C&R Buggy and Carriage is the right way to go.


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