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Pulaski's Hidden Gem, the Giles County Court House

As we journey through the city exploring all of the “hidden gems” and small businesses to support, today we are bursting with excitement to highlight the beautiful Giles County Courthouse.

This is the 5th courthouse to be built onsite and considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and unique courthouses in the state.

The first courthouse on this site was built in 1811 and was a log building covered with boards. It burnt down in 1814.

This courthouse came about after yet another fire, and was dedicated on April 24, 1909. The bell and the clock from the old courthouse were repaired and hung above the present courthouse rotunda. The clock mechanism control the four clock faces on the courthouse copula and rings the bell the correct number of times for each hour of the day, an ambient experience. The dome of the courthouse features 24 columns with 34 rose colored onyx windows behind them. The beauty of the architecture is breathtaking.

Needless to say the moment you step foot into rotunda at the courthouse, your mind gets swept away telling tales of times spent in this building for over 100 years.

On your backroads journey into Pulaski, be sure to stop in on a week day and enjoy the beautiful architecture of the Giles County Courthouse.


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