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Lucky Duck River Rentals Opens 25-Mile Kayak and Canoe Trip to the Public

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

About 20 miles from Lynchburg, the undisputed mecca of whiskey lovers, you’ll find a new option for a two-day kayaking or canoeing trip.

Three months after opening Lucky Duck River Rentals and Halls Mill Market to the public in Shelbyville, Tennessee, Chuck Baker and his business partners, Benji Garland and Beth Nicolay, are making headlines again.

The Halls Mill Market already had an epic grilled cheese provided by Baker’s Barrelhouse BBQ and a ready supply of handmade spin baits from local sponsored fisherman Chris Snow when The Lynchburg Times came to review the businesses on opening day in June 2022. Lucky Duck River Rentals was already offering a 5.5-mile and 9-mile route on the Duck River.

Now, Baker and Garland have kicked it up a notch.

“I bought more property that is nine miles upriver from my location at Halls Mill Market,” Baker said.

With his purchase of a 20-acre farm, he gained access to one-third mile of frontage on the Duck River in Bedford County and another put-out spot for patrons of Lucky Duck River Rentals.

Now, he can offer customers a short float for tubing or a long two-day kayaking trip that could add up to 20-25 miles.

Adventurous river-goers can put in kayaks or canoes at Fisherman’s Park and spend the first day floating the 11 miles to Baker’s farm.

Upon arrival, Baker will have tents on standby so customers won’t have to pack and carry any camping gear. They can also order meals for delivery from Halls Mille Market during their overnight stay. Or if they’d rather catch their own dinner, they are welcome to fish on the many sandbars in his portion of the river.

In the morning, they can begin a 9-mile journey to Halls Mill Market.

Next year, Lucky Duck River Rentals will open at Normandy and become a standalone business, Lucky Duck River Rentals II. Once the Normandy location opens in 2023, Baker and Garland will be able to offer 50 miles of river to customers.

“That’s incredible because the river is only 280 miles,” Baker said.

Aside from its beauty, Baker said the portion of the Duck River that runs through Bedford County includes nice, little rapids, long pulls and several islands.

There seems to be a river experience for everyone at Lucky Duck River Rentals, so if you find yourself in Middle or South Central Tennessee in late spring, summer or early fall give them a call at 931-294-FISH.


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