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BIG NEWS from Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey

(From Nearest Green Distillery Press Release)

This news is BIGGER than BIG!

#WhiskeyFamily, when we released our whiskey to the world in 2017, it was our own special blend, but all of the whiskey was sourced. Rather than rushing to put our own whiskey out before we believed it to be fully matured, we continued to source and blend the hell out of it. Those blends, by our very own thrice-awarded Master Blender of the Year, @victoriaeadybutler , have won 359 awards, including 44 Best in Class and 243 Gold medal or above. Y’all, we know how to blend to PERFECTION!

But the awards aren’t the BIG news, as y’all already know we’re the MOST-AWARDED American Whiskey or Bourbon of 2019, 2020 AND 2021.

The big news is...drumroll please...

Our Master Blend Edition 005 is 100-percent Uncle Nearest distilled and aged Premium Tennessee Whiskey. And if you thought our first four editions of Master Blend were good...wait until you get a load of this one! We are BEYOND PROUD to share this very FIRST bottle with you. Our mash bill, our unique triple filtration process, Nearest’s way.

So, here are the details:

WHAT: Master Blend Edition 005

WHEN: Saturday, December 11, 2021

WHERE: Nearest Green Distillery

TIME: Doors open at 9am (gates open at 7am)

AVAILABILITY: 500 bottles

PROOF: 118.4

LIMIT: 1 per person

And if the above weren’t enough, the INCREDIBLE V. Eady Butler, otherwise known as Queen V, will be the one to open the doors for this special release and will be on hand to sign every bottle. Y’all ready! You know we are. Welcome to the new era of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey.

REMINDER: Nearest Green Distillery has the best Uncle Nearest merch available and more than 4,000 sq. feet of it, so a great place to come do your holiday shopping for that whiskey lover in your life!


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