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Experience Tennessee: Discovering Excellence at the Manchester Coffee County Conference Center

On a bustling Friday, we had the pleasure of visiting the Manchester Coffee County Conference Center, located at 147 Hospitality Blvd, just off I-24. This conveniently situated and impressive venue has recently gained certification with Tennessee as a Culinary Apprenticeship, allowing their team to translate their experiences into college credits.

During our visit, we met Justin, the front and back house manager, who gave us a sneak peek into their operations. Justin shared that their dedicated team consists of 23 core members, with additional staff brought in as needed. In the kitchen, we were introduced to Erica, a cake artisan with 20 years of experience. Her talent is nothing short of magnificent, creating visually stunning and delicious cakes that delight clients and meet their expectations perfectly.

The professionalism and camaraderie of the team were immediately evident. Many of the staff have been with the center for a long time, working together to plan, coordinate, and design each event with infectious enthusiasm and creativity. Their love for their work shines through in everything they do, from the respect they show each other to their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Whether your event is small or massive, you can trust this team to handle it with meticulous attention to detail. On the day of our visit, we saw thousands of flowers being carefully kept cool to ensure they remained perfect for the event. Custom-made pieces, crafted with care, were being loaded onto trucks for delivery, with everyone pitching in regardless of their individual roles.

If you’re planning an event and need assistance, the event managers at Manchester Coffee County Conference Center, led by Rebecca French, are ready to help. Rebecca and her qualified staff work tirelessly to ensure every detail exceeds your expectations, providing a seamless and exceptional experience.

Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing pictures of your excellent team in action. Don’t just travel Tennessee—Experience Tennessee.

To book your next event, wedding, corporate meeting, or event of any size with the Manchester Coffee County Conference Center, or inquire about the culinary apprenticeship, click here.


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