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Lawrenceburg Walls for Women Mural Artist Announced

Color us excited to get to work with Oak Ridge-based artist Megan Lingerfelt again! Megan was one of the artists we selected for our women's suffrage project with South Arts and Tennessee Arts Commission ; then, in an election meant to emulate the 19th Amendment, the fifth grade students of Lawrence County chose her design as their favorite.

Megan grew up in Western North Carolina and studied drawing and painting at UNC Asheville. After graduating in 2010 with a BFA, she spent the following years building her studio practice in Seattle, where she discovered a love for murals. She now lives in East Tennessee, where she continues to work in public art.

Inspired by natural elements and engineered forms, Megan's work engulfs the bits and pieces that make her mural locations unique. She mingles local subject matter with weaving shapes and line work in dreamy jewel tones and desaturated mid-hues on surfaces of all sizes. Her compositions place an emphasis on light, contrast and myriad repetitive forms. When creating for public spaces, she works to imbue the character of each site into a design that may serve as a placemaking visual distinct to the community where it resides.

After working with Megan on a #WallsForWomen piece in Viola last fall, we know this one is going to be equally stunning. We can't wait for her to start painting in Downtown Lawrenceburg, TN next week!


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