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Waffle Walk in the Hollow

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

For Halloween in the Hollow 2022, Whiskey Waffle is introducing the Waffle Walk. It is like your typical cake walk, except instead of cakes and pies, you will get a voucher to get a dessert from our Whiskey Waffle trailer. Some may already be picked out for you, but we will also include Chef's choice and Winner's choice.

We will also have other activities set up like pumpkin bowling, a crafting table, a scavenger hunt and more! Come out and enjoy our cute little town!

Part of owning my own business was so I could do fun things like this for the community. I love this town and can't wait to have my business be apart of all of the fun stuff going on!

- Rebecca Cooper, Owner of Whiskey Waffle


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