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Maryann & Wanda's Eatery

Updated: Jan 19

Experience Tennessee Ambassadors: Hey Y'all - Dan + Mary Peery

Dan and Mary Peery smiling in the foreground, a mural of a honeybee and the name "Maryann & Wanda's" painted onto the wall in the background

Located at 7606 Tatum Rd, Lyles, TN you will find the local gem, Maryann & Wanda's Eatery. We were lucky to visit this place for breakfast and at first, you may notice the eclectic decorations that are adorable and fitting for this cute place but you'll stay for the service, personal attention, and the food. We were very impressed with the work ethic they exhibited.

Cheshire cat interior mural with two circular mirrors with clocks painted on as eyes

The menu is full of creative and amazing dishes that had us wanting to try everything. The chalkboard with all the milkshakes had us thinking that would be okay with breakfast, after all, it has milk in it. Hey, don't judge us, we love milkshakes! If you're not feeling a breakfast milkshake their specialty coffee drinks are just as popular.

A menu of drink options with illustrations

Our breakfast was served on a pizza pan with generous portions! The best part? Breakfast is served all day. Some of the best-sellers on their unique menu are The McCracken, Hawaiian Hammy, and the bacon chicken ranch mac and cheese. Coming soon, a build-your-own burger on Thursdays!

When you leave Maryann & Wanda's you will be friends with them and they will remember you the next time you come in!


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